Embodied Living

Embodied Living

mindful and somatic counseling

Bring your heart, body and mind into joyful alignment

Embodied Living is a many faceted conversation with your heart, body and mind.

By engaging your body and mind’s natural healing capacities through movement, connection and relationship, our sessions will create opportunities for new growth and healing in your life and relationships.  Learning to trust and access a broader and deeper range of your intelligence will allow you to live more authentically, discover new resources of energy and change patterns that no longer serve you.

Finding a healthy balance between head, heart and body will enable you to;

  • have the power to direct yourself toward what you want.
  • experience more joy, ease and vitality.
  • create more satisfying intimate relationships.
  • nurture your emotional and intuitive intelligence.
  • experience your body as an integrated and pleasurable part of your life.

Imbalances, restrictions and blocks can occur at any and all levels: physical, mental, emotional and/or energetic.  You will work with sensations and feelings to open a dialog that brings awareness to these areas.   Awareness, coupled with understanding and compassionate action, allow your flow and integration to be restored at all levels.

Start the change today. A free phone consultation (510 725-9656 ) will answer your questions about Embodied Living and how it can help you live more vibrantly and fully.