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Authentic Movement

Making a Home in the Unknown

Sunday, Oct. 9, 10am – 5pm

1636 Bonita Ave, Berkeley, CA


The resource of your body is infinite – vast, creative, and immediate.  Deepen your connection to the source of your embodied longing,  wisdom and vitality in this 1-day Authentic Movement immersion.  We will welcome the wild, spontaneous and unseen aspects of our selves in a supportive and nourishing environment.

Expand your creative range, align with your intuition, and challenge old narratives. These are just some of the powerful opportunities that become available when you allow the body to guide you toward a more compassionate and integrated consciousness.

We will also have the opportunity to practice witnessing, the process that supports integration of your own exploration and serves as one of the most profound and essential relationship skills.

This 1-day immersion will take place in Berkeley, CA from 10am to 5pm on Sunday, October 9th.  It is open to anyone with some previous experience of authentic movement, or any other meditation, movement, or art practice, such as yoga, writing, dance, etc.
For inquiries please call Kira at 718-207-5936 or Bill at 510 725-9656. Register in advance at 

The fee is $125 for the day.


Kira Smith and Bill Heron have been moving and studying Authentic Movement together for 15 years.  

Bill (McCully) Heron runs Grace and Gravity, where he teaches Authentic Movement, Embodied Living and does Bodywork.  Authentic Movement has been his embodied devotional practice for 25 years.  He has been teaching groups, workshops and individuals for 22 years.  He studied Authentic Movement with Janet Adler, Zoe Avstrieh and Susan Schell and has an MA in dance/movement therapy.

Kira Elisa Smith runs the Hootenanny Art House, a family art center in Brooklyn NY. She teaches yoga, dance, and authentic movement privately and in classes at her center as well as in workshops around the country. She has an MS in Dance/Movement Therapy and an MFA in Creative Inquiry. She is certified in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and has extensive post-graduate training in Authentic Movement and Tantric Studies.